How To Use A Pizza Stone For Grill – Easy To Follow


People of all ages are crazy about pizza for its palatable taste and simple formulas to be made. The best thing is, you now can make your favorite pizza right in your kitchen with the assistance of pizza stones. In this article, we will walk you through all the mysteries to nail grilled pizza by using a pizza stone for grill.

There are some important steps as follows: preparation, grilling. Even on your first try, these instructions will help you cook an incredible pizza with a crispy base. Keep reading, and you can plan out a barbeque party with succulent grilled pizza with all your best friends.

A pizza Stone For Perfect Grill

Why Can You Grill Pizza With A Pizza Stone?

Grilling on a pizza stone is undoubtedly the best way to get homemade pizza. If you wonder why restaurant-pizza quality is so good, it boils down to the fact that professional ovens are far hotter than widely-used home ovens.

Grilling enables higher temperatures than home ovens as the original method that the Italians used to cook pizza. When cooking pizza on a grill, the base will get crispier, and the topping will be cooked to perfection.

By grilling, the pizza can have a slightly smoky flavor and charred crust depending on the fuel used on the grill. It surely brings you the original Italian-inspired pizza to your dish.

Traditional Way To Grill Pizza With Stone

It would be a treat for a BBQ friend’s party with grilled pizza and grilled fillet fish prepared with the best fillet knives and pizza stones. These two dishes are well-grilled and promise an enjoyable night with your best friends.

Guided Step To Use A Pizza Stone For Grill

The grilled pizza would taste best if you do it properly. Prepare must-have items as follows: a gas or charcoal, wood-fired grill, a pizza stone, pizza dough, sauce, favorite topping, etc. Follow these steps to have a perfectly cooked pizza.

Step 1: Preheat To Warm Your Pizza Stone

Place the pizza stone on grill grates, then turn on the grill. Check out the grill temperature as it should be at room temperature to avoid breaking the stone. Leave it for half an hour to completely heat the stone.

If you use a charcoal grill, we recommend you put the stone before lighting the coals. It would be best to place your stone where it comes to temperature instantly with the grill and coals.

Step 2: Prepare Pizza

While leaving the stone to preheat, take this time to prepare your favorite pizza. There are some notices when preparing for grilling:

  • Get a metal pizza paddle: it will not catch fire and help sprinkle cornmeal on the paddle to prevent sticking on the stone.

After your dough is ready, add the toppings and sauce. Avoid over boarding dough as it can make your pizza soggier and stickier to the stone.

Pizza Ingredients Preparation

Step 3: Transfer Your Pizza Onto The Pizza Stone

Open the grill lid, sprinkle a layer of powder or cornmeal on the stone to avoid sticking, and put the uncooked pizza on. After spreading cornmeal, transfer the pizza instantly to hamper the burnt cornmeal.

Transfer the pizza dough by slightly sliding the paddle, point the paddle at the 45-degree angle at the far side of the stone. After successfully placing the pizza, slightly take out the paddle.

Step 4: Grill The Pizza

Give your pizza enough time to cook, ensure to close the lid tightly to prevent heat from leaking outside. The recommended time is 10-12 minutes, depending on the thickness and topping you add.

Grill The Pizza

During the grilling process, you can rotate the pizza halfway so that the crust can be exposed to the heat and cooked evenly. When the crust is cooked brown, and the cheese is melted nicely, gently remove the pizza from the stone with the paddle.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Ideal Temperature When Using A Pizza Stone For Grill?

It depends on your grill type, such as size, ventilation, your pizza stone, the thickness of the pizza, or toppings. There is no standard temperature for grilling pizza on the stone.

Therefore, to find the right temperature, you need practice and test to find the right one. However, for any beginner, you can start at 500-600 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for the stone to be extremely heated and slide the pizza instantly, then shut the lid for a few minutes.

Why Is Pizza Sticky To The Stone?

These are the main and commonly seen reasons for its stickiness. Keep in mind to avoid these situations when grilling pizza with stone.

  • Your pizza dough may be wet
  • Insufficient cooking time
  • Overloading toppings can cause sogginess to your pizza
  • Improper preheat process
  • Lack of cornmeal
A Perfectly Cooked Pizza On The Pizza Stone

To unstick the pizza, you can try using the metal paddle to scrape the pizza off gently. Wait for the stone to cool down and shake the pizza towards both edges until it unsticks from the stone.

Other helpful methods related to the preparation process, such as applying enough flour to the stone, warming the stone correctly, or keeping the stone clean and dry, are also helpful in preventing the pizza from sticking to the stone. So you can apply these solutions immediately.


Using a best pizza stone for oven is convenient when it comes to homemade pizza. These steps are easy to execute, and the result is beyond expectation: the base is crispy, the topping is perfectly melted, and the smell is original.

We hope that the detailed guide will be helpful to you and satisfy your demand for a perfect homemade pizza that lives up to restaurant quality.

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